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Ayurveda: For thousands of years, eastern medicine has been using the face and skin to distinguish what imbalances are happening in our internal organs and body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda (an East-Indian health science) believe that the skin analysis (along with tongue and pulse) can display early warning signs of disease.

The Root Causes: Like relationship between acupuncture or marma points to the different organs, face mapping uses different areas on the face to address internal imbalances. This is so interesting, this way we can start to understand our skin, what is happening within and root cause of our blemishes! We welcome your questions and requests for this valuable assessment of your skin.

Let's See the Map: The Arches Threading Lounge understands all vital aspects of Facial Mapping. Stop by for a visit so that we can take a look at your facial map to guide you towards your own well being!